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Offer NumberType of programProject title Research supervisorResearch environmentDeadline
251387 Master’s Master student - functional proteomics Jean-Philippe Lambert CHU de Québec-Université Laval Research Center - CHUL
237089 Master’s Monitoring deforestation, caused by palm oil production, using satellite-remote sensing Martin Béland Department of Geomatics Sciences
250917 Ph.D. Environmental adversity and the gut microbiome in the Nunavik Inuit youth Richard Bélanger Research Centre of CHU de Québec-Université Laval, Population Health and Optimal Health Practices research unit and Infectious Disease Research Center
231718 Master’s Measurement of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy across the adult lifespan Lynn Rollande Gauthier Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec, Axe Oncologie
250868 Master’s Ph.D. Epigenomic regulation of microglia fonctions during brain development David Gosselin Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec - CHUL
245423 Ph.D. Numerical modelling of permafrost thaw and land surface-groundwater interactions John Molson Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
228914 Ph.D. The study of innate pulmonary response in controlling lung infections caused by a respiratory virus Jean Gosselin CHUL Research Centre for Molecular Endocrinology and Oncology, and Human Genomics (CREMOGH) 2018-01-09
245036 Master’s Ph.D. Design of luminescent and Raman sensors for in vivo monitoring of microbiome biomarkers Denis Boudreau Centre for Optics, Photonics and Laser (COPL) / Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF), Université Laval
250577 Ph.D. Ph.D. in food science and technology Sergey Mikhaylin Food Science and Technology
222330 Master’s Ph.D. Epidemiology of musculoskeletal pain Clermont Dionne Population Health Research Unit (URESP) 2018-04-30
250540 Master’s Ph.D. Graduate Student Positions in Fundamental Oncology Thomas Moss St-Patrick Research Group in Basic Oncology 2017-09-01
249983 Master’s Ph.D. Integrated biophysical modeling of neuronal electrophysiology and biochemistry Simon Hardy CERVO Brain Rechearch Center
249973 Master’s Ph.D. Computational modelling of structural plasticity in dendritic spines of olfactory bulb neurons Simon Hardy CERVO Brain Rechearch Center
239464 Master’s Phenotype-based small molecule screens for discovery of novel antifungal agents Adnane Sellam CHU de Québec Research Center (CHUL)- Faculty of Medicine
223289 Master’s Ph.D. Neurorestorative effects of cystamine in context with Parkinson’s disease Francesca Cicchetti CHU de Quebec Research Center (CHUL)
244091 Ph.D. Key players in insulin resistance and diabetes André Marette Quebec Heart and Lung Research Institute, Laval Hospital
223154 Master’s Ph.D. Neuroprosthetic control of neural plasticity for motor recovery Christian Ethier Centre de recherche de l'Institut en santé mentale de Québec
248115 Master’s Ph.D. E-Community Toxicity Modelling Richard Khoury
247774 Ph.D. Usability of real-time feedback in patient assessment in the North François Routhier Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en réadaptation et intégration sociale (CIRRIS) 2017-09-30
247938 Master’s Ph.D. Characterization of microbial interactions within a model microbiota Marie Filteau Food science department
230395 Master’s Ph.D. Plasticity and Motor Control Development Frédéric Bretzner Dr. Frederic Bretzner’s Laboratory, Research Centre, CHUL-CHUQ
247704 Ph.D. Fiber optic sensors for soil monitoring Sophie Larochelle Center for optics, photonics and lasers (COPL)
247747 Ph.D. Coherent structures in strongly decelerating turbulent boundary layers Yvan Maciel Coherent structures in strongly decelerating turbulent boundary layers
226066 Master’s Ph.D. Interaction between trade and environment institutions Jean-Frédéric Morin Canada Research Chair in International Political Economy
244432 Ph.D. Spatial ecology of migratory caribou Steeve Côté Department of Biology 2017-08-01
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